Who's Buying What: Wheatstone Consoles

From the Who’s Buying What page: Wheatstone reported several sales of console/router systems.

Lotus Communications of Tucson, Ariz., purchased three audio drivers for an existing WheatNet-IP system through dealer BSW.

Beasley Broadcast’s Las Vegas operation purchased six E-6 control surfaces, two SideBoard surfaces and 21 WheatNet-IP Blades.

WBUR(FM) in Boston added a G-4 control surface to its Bridge TDM routing system for the program “Here & Now” show that it produces for NPR.

Wittenberg University’s WUSO(FM) in Springfield, Ohio, purchased a WheatNet-IP system with two IP-12 control surfaces and six IP Blades along with several audio drivers, Navigator software and two M2 dual channel mic processors.

WHUR(FM) in Washington added a SideBoard surface and two WheatNet-IP Blades for use in a newsroom application.

WGN(AM) in Chicago added a IP Blade and two WheatNet-IP crosspoint controllers for an existing WheatNet-IP system.

And St. Cloud State University in Minnesota purchased a Bridge TDM routing system with D-32 and D-8 television audio consoles through Alpha Video that will be used to connect a number of sports venues to the broadcast center via fiber optic links and remote I/O frames.


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