YouTube Is Sneaking Up on Radio

YouTube is quietly sneaking up on radio as a competitor for listener’s time.

That’s according to Edison Research, taking a deeper dive into its latest “Infinite Dial” study on radio format P1s.

More than a third of Americans age 12-and-up used YouTube to watch music videos or listen to music in the last week. For listeners to most current-based formats, those numbers are significantly higher. Fifty-seven percent of CHR P1s have used YouTube for music in the last week, followed by 53% of urban P1s and 48% of rock P1s, according to Edison.

“While radio has spent much of the last year focusing on Pandora and SiriusXM, YouTube remains a major destination for many formats’ P1 listeners,” says Edison Research vice president of music and programming Sean Ross. “In fact, nearly as many top 40 P1s use YouTube for music in a week as the 60% that use Pandora in a given month.”

The data is based on a survey of 2,023 adults.


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Radio doesn't have to worry about SiriusXM at all anymore as they've 'dumbed-down' their playlists immensely since the merger - leaving XM listeners upset that now they simply have 'FM radio without commercials'. The 50's, 70's and 80's channels are voice-tracked worthless chatter with NO live dayparts since the merger, and the slashed playlists and lack of live on-air talent on XM7, XM8 & XM5 is a big downer for XM subs. The only traction left is on the 60's channel. SXM has even edited the c**p out of the 70's AT40 shows - they just can leave well-enough alone. To top it off, SXM dumped the 40's/swing/big band channel and upset customers with that. A well-processed AM station on a good receiver has better audio than an SXM satellite receiver; online streaming is better, but is more $$$$
By XM Subscriber on 4/2/2014

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