Digigram Releases AES67-Enabled Sound Card

Digigram has released the LX-IP Ravenna PCIe sound card, its first AES67-enabled product.
Featuring ultra-low latency down to one audio sample per IP packet, up to 256 Ravenna I/O channels from multiple Ravenna streams and a full MADI interface, the new card is suitable for high-density audio production or automation applications.

Digigram's LX-IP sound card enables users to record and play 128/128 AoIP Ravenna channels simultaneously in and out of a desktop computer.
According to the company, the card also features ultra-low round-trip latency down to three milliseconds, interoperability with all AES67 requirements, an embedded 128x128-switching matrix, Grandmaster PTP clock abilities and high redundancy.

An optical MADI interface may be directly connected to the embedded switching matrix to provide 64/64 inputs/outputs, as an option.
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