Pai Wants Quick Action to Help AM

During a regulatory panel here in Las Vegas at NAB 2014, Pai said he supports opening up an FM translator application window just for AM owners “no later than 2015.”

Supporters believe this is one type of action the agency could accomplish quickly to give struggling AM owners some relief.

Longer-term though, AM has some “difficult issues” to be decided, according to Pai.

Discussing radio in a general sense, he believes the industry’s future looks bright. “Radio has an important role to play in the national culture going forward.”

Fellow Commissioner Mignon Clyburn said growing up she wanted to be a radio personality, telling attendees this was a message “for anybody out there when my term expires.”

She emphasized, “We care about all platforms” and noted that the AM revitalization initiative was circulated when she was interim agency chair.


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Gotta agree... If WiFi or other hotshot bandwidths were being pummeled with interference the way the AM bands are, you can bet the outcry would be huge.
By Bryn O'Laingsigh on 4/14/2014
The "AM on FM Translators" idea is bogus. Q: Are there struggling AM stations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, SF Bay Area, etc? A: Yes, of course. Q: Are there *any* available FM channels for AM > FM Translators? A: Of course NOT If FCC is going to offer a 'solution' or, indeed 'relief', then it shouls be available to all AM players, not just a lucky few in smaller markets (where there *may* be a few available Traslator channels). The Elephant in the Room is EMI, which makes the S/N Ratio on the AM band intolerable. FCC won't - or can't - tackle it. I have little hope for 'AM Revitalization"...
By Jay Fred Muggs on 4/10/2014

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