DBC Gives Away Free Digital Radios

Hong Kong’s largest digital radio broadcaster, Digital Broadcasting Corp (DBC) is giving out free digital radios, according to Asia Radio Today and the ABU.

With seven DAB+ only stations, the broadcaster aims to extend its reach by handing out free digital radio sets. DBC Executive Head Loh Chan said that digital sets have been installed in more than 10,000 taxis and 5,000 public buses and the next target will be light delivery vans.

The report said that the broadcaster was also exploring the possibility of fitting all new taxis with digital radio sets, which also offer AM broadcast, in a tie-up with the Transport Department.
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Not "...best kept secret in broadcasting. ", if you are a FM Stereo analog lover. IBOC noise can drive one to listen to their LP's or CD's. I and many others don't understand how HD/Ibiquity could have hijacked the FM BC band with the help of the FCC.
By RM Vargo on 5/14/2014
Maybe if Ibiquity and the US broadcasters had given away HD radio receivers or subsidized the cost to install them in new cars, it would have been adopted by consumers. Even now, it is the best kept secret in broadcasting.
By jterhar on 5/14/2014

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