FCC Tells Guel "No" on 14 LPFM Applications

Here’s the latest in the case of the many LPFM applications of Antonio Cesar Guel. The FCC has dismissed 14 “singleton” applications for low-power FM construction permits with which he is associated.

Guel had drawn criticism from some LPFM advocates regarding 245 applications filed by him and the Hispanic Christian Community Network, as we’ve reported. The attorney representing Guel and HCCN called those objections “unfounded and untrue.”

In February, the commission wrote Guel a letter of inquiry citing commonalities and discrepancies among the 14 applications, including nine in Texas. The Media Bureau said at the time that it was “investigating potential statutory and rule violations and related instances of potential misrepresentation and/or lack of candor in connection with the applications.” 

The bureau now says it “has not determined whether any of the applicants have engaged in misrepresentation and/or lack of candor,” but it is dismissing the 14 because some of the applicants made major ownership changes after the letter of inquiry came, and/or did not have reasonable site assurance prior to filing.

It’s unclear where this outcome leaves the status of any other applications filed by Guel and the HCCN.

Read the commission’s ruling, including a summary of the responses to the letter of inquiry from each of the applicants.
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Guess Guel took a page from the 'EMF playbook' where they squirrel-away every open LPFM and translator opening in a market when their FM and AM stations already cover their target area. Does EMF really need one FM, one AM and 4 translators in market #90 for coverage? I think that the Bible says something about sharing your wealth - maybe that's just implied and doesn't apply to radio frequency allocations in a small market? More is not always better.
By Joshua Moses on 5/21/2014

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