Appeal Period Begins for Dismissed LPFM Applications

Low-power FM applicants whose paperwork was dismissed last week by the FCC have 30 days to appeal.

That’s likely when the attorney representing Hispanic Christian Community Network’s Antonio Cesar Guel will respond. We reported the Media Bureau dismissed 14 LPFM applications filed by the HCCN.

The Media Bureau determined that the applicants made “major ownership changes” and/or did not have “reasonable site assurance” before filing their applications.

REC Networks was one of several LPFM advocacy groups that asked the commission to look into the Guel-assisted applications, believing they were mass-produced. In reaction to the decision, REC owner Michi Eyre Bradley says she’s been approached by churches claiming to be legitimate clients of Guel. “I have offered to withdraw REC’s informal objection against their applications if they can provide information that they are their own independent organization. Not one has done so yet. REC’s offer still stands.”

She believes Guel should “do the right thing” and voluntarily withdraw the rest of the remaining 114 singleton and 39 MX applications and urges the commission to continue its review.


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