Cumulus Reorganizes Leadership


Cumulus Media is putting a new organizational structure in place.

The goal, says Cumulus, is to enhance the company’s strategic and operational focus and leverage its business platform. The changes come after Cumulus has now completed the integration of Citadel and Westwood One.

“Our vision has been to build the radio company of the future and that is exactly what we are achieving,” said Cumulus Media Chairman/President/CEO Lew Dickey. He said the company has broadened its scope and now has differentiated distribution channels and multiple content development platforms in place.

“To accelerate our plans, we are putting in place a new organizational structure to reflect the company’s strategic evolution, bringing clarity, focus and accountability to key leadership roles in both our station and network groups,” says Dickey.

As part of the executive organizational changes, Cumulus will eliminate its co-chief operating officer positions, previously held by Jon Pinch and John Dickey. Pinch plans to retire at the end of November, after 45 years in broadcasting and 14 years with Cumulus.

Three newly-created executive positions will report directly to Lew Dickey:
  • Cumulus has hired an executive search firm to help identify a candidate for the newly-created position of executive vice president of Radio. This person will focus on the day-to-day operational and strategic leadership of the 460 Cumulus stations
  • John Dickey, who’s been a co-COO since 2006, is now executive vice president of Content and Programming, a new position. He will focus on developing and maximizing content and programming. The company says establishing this position recognizes the importance of Cumulus’ development and promotion of content and programming across the broadcaster’s station group, Westwood One network and other media platforms including Nash and Rdio
  • Steve Shaw, who joined Cumulus in early 2013 and has been head of national spot sales for Cumulus’ station group, will be president of Westwood One and oversee all national and digital sales for both Westwood One, Cumulus’ station group and Rdio

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    A month or so ago, Imus did a pretty good rant where, after saying that the Dickeys were "alright," he went onto lash into them for "ruining a great radio station." (WABC). He specifically and rightfully mentioned that Saturday nights at 6 pm a plastic surgeon has a show for one hour. "A PLASTIC SURGEON! Where's Cousin Brucie?" Hey then went on to add that "they don't like it when I say things like this... but let them try to stop me." You go I-Man!
    By Chuck Ingersoll on 9/9/2014
    Shifting around the same clueless twits, like John Dickey, won't do much good. It continually amazes me that Cumulus, which claims to be a radio company, doesn't capitalize on what makes "terrestrial" radio unique and valuable--the fact that it's LOCAL. Instead, it's turning more and more of its stations into faceless, vanilla country jukeboxes ("Nash"), and piping the same old tired syndicated talk programs through so many others. WE WANT LIVE, LOCAL PROGRAMMING!! I guess we haven't needed any more proof that these fools care way more for money than local programming for the communities they allegedly serve. Pretty sad. DG
    By Doug Graves on 9/6/2014

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