40+ Aftermarket HD Radio Receivers Shipping

IBiquity Digital says nearly all of the 2013 aftermarket automotive in-dash HD Radio receivers are now available at retail. 

Major CE brands including: Alpine, Arsenal, Clarion, Excelon, JVC, Kenwood, Pioneer, and Sony are shipping new HD Radio receivers to retailers.

National retailers like Best Buy and Wal-Mart, key regional retailers such as ABC Warehouse, Advanced Auto, Car Toys, Freeman’s and Fry’s and major online retailers like Amazon and Crutchfield are offering an assortment of new models. 

IBiquity Digital COO Jeff Jury says the 2013 aftermarket product launch features the largest selection offered by iBiquity’s receiver partners. “Coupled with the broad availability of HD Radio receivers shipping in new cars, these aftermarket products offer a better radio experience to literally millions of U.S. drivers every year.” 

The range of single and dual DIN radios offer HD Radio features like artist and title information, new content on HD2 and HD3 channels, iTunes Tagging to tag, preview and purchase music on iTunes, and on select models, the new Artist Experience feature which syncs images with the digital audio for a more visual display. 

Additionally, some navigation units will receive real-time traffic and news data delivered using the HD Radio signal. Notably, JVC models offer the full complement of HD Radio technology features available including Digital Traffic, Channel Guide, Bookmark to save information, and Active Alerts.


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It's amusing what the impetus often is to buy a new vehicle. Could be the upholstery is ripped (get custom-fitted seat covers), there's no navigation, HD Radio, or satellite radio, or something else is broken that is easily fixed. But I don't think that anyone would buy a new vehicle just to get HD Radio, as much as iBiquity wishes this were so.
By Greg Frankel on 5/10/2013
This is certainly true Greg. I have a beater 90 Jeep, and have no reason to up grade it to a new vehicle that is going to get bounced all over mountain tops to service sites. If it dies, just move the gear and its a done deal.
By Michael Payne on 5/10/2013
This could be bad news for vehicle manufacturers and dealers. One major reason many consumers get rid of their old vehicle and buy new a new vehicle is to get advanced features like HD Radio and navigation. With so many aftermarket receivers offering these types of features there's a big incentive to spend $100-800 on a new head unit rather than buying a new vehicle for $10,000 to $50,000+.
By Greg Frankel on 5/10/2013

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