Harris, Nagra Futuris Collaborate on DAB

Harris Broadcast Communications and Nagra Futuris integrated the digital radio business platform from Nagra Futuris with the Harris data automatic insertion system, and showed the result at IBC in Amsterdam. The flexibility of the Eureka-147 DAB specification allows a range of revenue streams to be developed around digital radio. These include subscription services (for premium, commercial-free radio and for MPEG-4 video); data broadcasting; broadcast web sites and other IP over DAB applications; and interactive applications.

"Nagra Futuris has developed a technically excellent and highly regarded front end for the broadcaster and content owner," said Alain Untersee of Harris Broadcast Europe. "It provides authoring and hosting tools for the whole range of new and additional services, with essential functionality for revenue generation and collection, including conditional access and digital rights management.

Rudolf Ritter of Nagra Futuris said, "We see this as a very important collaboration, for us and for the future of DAB. At present the Asian market is very interested in the digital radio business platform, and we see a number of European countries taking a serious interest, too. By working together with Harris we can provide a proven solution to these broadcasters, who know they can trust the established names of Nagra-Futuris and Harris."

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