AES Session Asks: Time to Retire MP3 for Streaming?

The 135th International AES Convention is coming up soon in New York. Here and in coming weeks, we’ll peek at some of the more interesting planned sessions.

A panel on the Broadcast and Streaming Media track will explore the question, “Is It Time to Retire the MP3 Protocol for Streaming?” It is set for Thursday Oct. 17 and will be moderated by Ray Archie of CBS.

According to a summary, “It has been over 25 years since the MP3 codec was introduced to the audio community. With lossy audio encoding, such as an MP3, there is a not so fine balance between audio quality and file size. With the ever increasing availability of bandwidth, file size has diminished as a consideration for audio streaming and codec related loss in audio quality is much more apparent.”

Discussing the question will be Karlheinz Brandenburg of Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology; Jan Nordmann, also of Fraunhofer; John Kean of NPR; Greg Ogonowski of Orban; and Greg Shay of the Telos Alliance.


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