APT IP Codecs for Estonia

APT, part of WorldCast Systems, has sold more than 100 Horizon NextGen IP audio codecs with SureStream technology to Estonian telecommunications and IT service provider Elion Ettevõtted AS.

The units were purchased as part of an overhaul of the main audio contribution and distribution links that Elion operates on behalf of public broadcaster ERR.

Horizon NextGen audio codecs were installed linking the five main studios in the capital, Talinn and the 13 main transmitter sites, connected by dedicated IP link and an optical SDH link.

“Over the course of their operation, we have had several issues with power outages, lightning strikes, etc., which have either reduced the capacity or permanently disabled one of these telecommunications links,” said Veiko Praakel, Elion network development specialist. “With SureStream in place, none of these issues have had any impact on the continuity or quality of our customer’s broadcasts.”

Elion utilized the unit’s ScriptEasy software to design a backup to enable the transmission to automatically switch to a specified back-up studio in a different city.

According to APT, Elion customers also have access to MasterView, the front end software of ScriptEasy, which shows them the current status of each codec and also enables them to autonomously switch transmission between the main and back-up studios.

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