Auralex Offers New Acoustic Treatments

ProFusor II
Acoustic treatment specialist Auralex has a pair of new products for those in need of some silencing material, ProFusor II panels and SheetBlok-AF sound isolation wrap.

ProFusor II is a “fabric-wrapped sound diffusor.” Designed to be seen with colors such as ebony, pumice, mesa, sand and shadow, it is available in 2-foot x 2-foot (ProFusor22) and 2-foot x 4-foot (ProFusor24) sizes. Both are three inches deep. They are Class A fire rated.

SheetBlok-AF is designed to be used before walls are finished or after. It can operate as a sound isolation barrier beneath wallboard, flooring, wallpaper or paneling or as a wallpaper-like acoustic treatment. It is paintable with latex paint. SheetBlok-AF has a thin PVC laminated surface on top of a sound absorbing membrane material. It is available in 4-foot x 10-foot rolls. Auralex says, “SheetBlok-AF is at least 6dB more effective than solid lead at stopping the transmission of sound.

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