Austria’s Kronehit Relies on 2wcom

Austrian private radio broadcaster Kronehit has implemented a new satellite DVB-S system to provide better coverage to listeners in the mountainous south and west of the country.

Using 2wcom’s FlexSource units, Kronehit has developed a contribution network via satellite with redundancy and in-band control of remote installations by means of satellite in-band remote control management capability.

In 2013 Kronehit began implementing a new satellite remote-controlled system for DVB-S services via Astra 3B, with QPSK 1/3 FEC modulation and APT-X audio coding. The receivers were linked terrestrially over IP for browser-based control and configuration. Because of the location of the transmitters, says 2wcom, Kronehit sought rugged receivers that could also be operated directly through the control panel on the front of the unit, without requiring additional equipment.

The 2wcom units were then deployed to all six provinces, and Kronehit is now able to make any necessary operational changes and configurations via the FlexSource’s in-built SIRC management system.

“We are thrilled with the FlexSource satellite receiver and the performance of the system as a whole,” said Stefan Szakacs, technical manager of Kronehit radio. “Throughout the project, 2wcom provided outstanding technical collaboration to meet all our requirements, and the satellite receiver quality even exceeded our expectations. The control panels are easy to use and we can simply ‘clone’ the devices for each province, which saves a lot of time during the preparation stage.”
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