Axia Cites Project Sales

From Radio World’s Who’s Buying What section: Axia has reported sales that involve several notable projects.

American Public Media in Los Angeles recently expanded its Axia IP Intercom system with a variety of equipment including 10- and 20-station rackmount IP Intercom stations, and standalone desktop 20-station units.

WTMD(FM) at Towson University in Towson, Md., has completed showcase studios and a live performance space with five 24-fader Axia Element consoles, plus an eight-fader Radius console.

KJLY(FM), The Joy FM in St. Louis, purchased Element consoles, PowerStation console engines and multiple xNode AoIP interfaces to outfit new studios.

Motor Racing Network, the Voice of NASCAR in Concord, N.C., expanded an existing Axia network of Element consoles with a Radius eight-fader console, QOR.16 console engine and multiple xNodes.

And WQKT(FM) and WKVX(AM) in Wooster, Ohio, upgraded studios with two iQ consoles and QOR.32 mixing engines.

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