Best of Show: Digital Jukebox DJB WebStream Logger

For more information about the new Best of Show Award program, visit All About the Best of Show Awards.

As radio broadcasters become more comfortable with the Web, tools are needed to monitor it. The DJB WebStream Logger is a multichannel URL and analog audio logger, competition monitor, mic skimmer, stream silence detector and recorder.

Digital Jukebox says that the software was designed to support a range of users. It can provide radio networks, groups, clusters, combos and standalones with the ability to monitor URL Web streams without need for physical audio cards. In addition each channel provides DJB Silent Treatment audio monitoring and email warning should any channel detect loss of audio. It is available in one-, two-, four- and eight-channel versions.

Ron Paley, right, issues his verdict.

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For Mr. Bill Roberts peace of mind, our last Cool Award was 2001. We then tried yearly for another, sadly, no Cool Awards. 2013 & 14 recognition most certainly did not come by chance. My team sat down and built two new products shown first time at NAB, each was completed into a final product and released for sale in short order. American spirit and innovation dictate that NAB is where dreams, vaporware, ideas all come to reality as it is indeed the world's broadcast showplace. Radio World and its clandestine crew of engineer snoops, keep up the good work!
By Ron Paley on 3/11/2015
So here we are 1 day before the NEXT NAB and does this product exist yet? Nope!! Mr. McLane, Maybe before you give them another award based on a sheet of paper, you should see it run on a computer and then take a company’s history into account. On Account they make vaporware. The fact is that they have not come out with anything new since the old guy that invented all of it retired. They colored the screens and changed the names of the products and lost half of their customers in the process. Some company history.
By Bill Roberts on 9/9/2014
Yes, our awards program involves a fee for nominations, reflecting a growing trend in such programs across industries. It also offsets the costs of the awards process, paying the judges, cost of the awards and so forth. There are definite plusses and minuses to any award program; our goal is to have one that is as fair as possible and that benefits our readers, the industry’s suppliers and our publication. I wrote a column about this that you may find interesting:
By Paul McLane on 7/21/2014
At a $500 fee to enter the contest and many more nominations that awards, it looks like radio world is the real winner here. What a way to pay for your trip to the NAB.
By Bill Roberts on 7/20/2014
Bill I’m sorry you were disappointed in a product’s selection. The manufacturer did not pay Radio World to be awarded a prize; all of the Best of Show nominees simply paid a fee to enter the contest, and we received many more nominations than received awards. Sometimes a manufacturer plans a product to ship soon, in which case the judges take a company’s history into account. -- Paul McLane, Editor in Chief
By Paul McLane on 6/17/2014
This is the second year in a row you awarded this company a prize based on a picture on a piece of paper and again this product won't even be a product until 6 months after you awarded the prize. Thats why your best of show awards will never mean anything. They paid radio world to be the winner. I'll bet that next year they win for a third year in a row for a product that they can't show you just because they will pay for it.
By Bill Roberts on 6/16/2014

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