Best of Show: Orban Opticodec 7700E/D

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Orban has turned its sights on the composite-over-STL question.

The Opticodec 7700E MPX Encoder and 7700D MPX Decoder system transparently transmits the Optimod-FM composite baseband signal between studio and transmitter over Ethernet, using UDP or TCP/IP, the company says.

To ensure reliability, each Opticodec 7700 has two 100 Mbps Ethernet interfaces, one for the control LAN and one for the IP composite signal transmission packets. This allows the audio to run on a dedicated LAN, maximizing throughput capacity.

The Opticodec 7700E carries the Optimod-FM encoded stereo signal, the stereo pilot tone and subcarriers like RDS that may have been applied to the studio-based Optimod-FM’s subcarrier inputs. The Opticodec 7700D has the same composite mixing functionality as the Optimod-FM; there are two composite baseband outputs and two SCA inputs, allowing additional subcarrier generators to be located at the transmitter.

Both the 7700E and 7700D have a reference input (10 MHz) that can be used to lock the MPX encoder and MPX decoder to a high-precision external reference like a GPS-based frequency standard.

Jay Brentlinger and Bob Orban accept the award from Paul McLane.

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