Broken Tower Fences Trip Up Church

Even the Roman Catholic Church needs to have a locked fence around its tower.

So says the FCC.

The commission proposed a $7,000 fine against The Catholic, Apostolic & Roman Catholic Church in Puerto Rico for failure to have an effective locked fence or other enclosure around the tower for WKVM(AM) in San Juan.

In April 2013 an agent from the San Juan office of the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau inspected the station’s three-tower array and saw that the perimeter fence was not locked nor intact, as one section was on the ground. The individual fence around one of the towers was partially on the ground and the gate was open, according to the commission.

The church told the agency a storm had damaged the fences in the fall of 2012, though the fences around each of the three towers was still intact. The church also said someone had damaged the perimeter fence in the beginning of 2013.

The station said it had the individual tower fences repaired and was planning to have the perimeter gate fixed.

The owner has 30 days to appeal or pay the fine.

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