CBS Radio Moves on Mobile/Online Ads

CBS Radio has developed an automated method for small local businesses to create and purchase ads for online and mobile markets, Audio AdCenter.

Calling it a “self-serve platform,” Audio AdCenter’s goal is to make it simple for small businesses to create an ad and decided where, when and how often the ad plays on a CBS Radio-related website, online or mobile stream. According to a release, CBS Radio has 125 online streams. It says it has 2,000 generic ads on the site for use. .

CBS Local Media Chief Operating Officer Anton Guitano said, “Our online and mobile audiences are particularly engaged and active listeners, making it a perfect environment for an advertiser.” He added, “We’re excited to offer this proven marketing opportunity to small business owners, and establish an additional resource for CBS Radio to monetize its exclusive content.”
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Has anybody tried them and had good results? I would love to hear about their experience with this company.
By James on 1/15/2014

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