CEA: Tech Purchase Decisions Influenced by Social Media

Most social media users, some 81%, use online social networks to find information to help consumer electronics purchasing decisions. That’s according to the findings of a study from the Consumer Electronics Association.

Nearly one quarter (24%) of consumers who use social media say they always or almost always refer to social media websites before they purchase a CE device, and 38% say reviews or comments by someone they know influenced their CE purchase decisions, according to CEA’s study, “How Social Media Influences Purchase Decisions of Consumer Electronics and Accessories.”

Those numbers are dramatically greater for highly-engaged social media users — those who spend more than 13.5 hours a week on social media sites — with 65 percent always or almost always saying they refer to social media websites before purchasing a CE device.

Four in five (84%) said reviews or comments on social media sites by someone they know influenced their CE purchase decisions.

CEA Manager of Industry Relations Chris Ely says the results spell opportunity for CE manufacturers and retailers. “When it comes to consumer electronics purchases, most high-engagement users are likely to follow or ‘friend’ a company due to special promotions, contests, entertainment or exclusive content.”

When it comes to advertisements and promotions, high-engagement social media users were also more likely (71%) than overall users (23%) to be influenced or strongly influenced by ads or promotions posted by a company on social media, according to the findings.

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