Conflict in ICANN Dot-Radio Selection Process

As Internet traffic cop ICANN slowly but surely draws closer to the conclusion of its top level domain selection process, George Bundy, CEO of BRS Inc., one of four applicants for the dot-radio TLD, is highlighting a potential issue of concern for those in the radio industry via his website. It can be seen here.

Recently, Radio World chatted with Bundy. He commented that he was concerned about restrictions that EBU would impose on dot-radio, should it be granted the position. Their “community” designation for the TLD would “really limit and restrict” the radio industry’s access.

Why now? “If it’s not brought to [people’s] attention now, then they’ll find out the hard way when they go and register and may not qualify. That ought to be concerning to the industry,” he said. “It’s such a complicated process that if we tried to make everyone aware of everything at once, it would be confusing.”

The big question, as Bundy puts it, is whether radio is a community or an industry?

BRS Inc. currently runs dot-am and dot-fm and says they’ve never managed it as “a regulated, restricted thing. In theory, it’s great because you can control bad things that happen. But there’s a way to do that without alienating others in the space.”

Dot-Radio Launches in May
BRS Media Launches Global Domain Extensions


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The link in the first paragraph is blank. Please update. Thank-you
By kelly on 11/30/2013

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