Convenient Power From USB

While it doesn’t scream “broadcast” there’s no denying that the Nigel B Design’s Minilight Flush Mount is a nifty widget.

The Minilight Flush Mount is a utility panel with a pair of USB ports and a dimmer pot for one of the USB connectors. It is designed to be installed on a desktop/countertop or wall.

The USB ports are power power-over-USB ports and one is designed for recharging cellphones and one for powering lights. Both ports will also accept USB-powered accessories such as a fan or a vacuum cleaner.

Nigel B Designs says the cellphone port delivers 80% more power than a standard computer-based USB port so recharging times should be lower. Power is 8–15 VDC, so it is compatible with most 12 VDC-powered items. The unit is powered by a wall wart.

Nigel B Designs sells a number of compatible accessories. Price: $119.95.

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