Cumulus, Arbitron Do a Deal

After more than three years without diary service, Cumulus Media stations in 44 markets will subscribe to Arbitron ratings.

Both companies say they’ve signed a multiyear agreement that also renews ratings in 17 Portable People Meter markets and 39 diary markets.

The agreement also provides Cumulus with access to Arbitron software applications, Scarborough Research consumer profile services and national and network radio ratings for Cumulus Media Networks.

Cumulus has also agreed to collaborate with Arbitron on cross-platform services that would quantify the total impact of the Cumulus radio brand.

Cumulus Chairman/CEO Lew Dickey said the deal demonstrates a long-term commitment to collaborate. “Specifically, we look forward to participating in the development of an integrated, total radio audience service that gives broadcasters full credit for our audiences regardless of how listeners access our content.”


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