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DAR.fm, an online podcast emporium that concentrates on radio talk show programming, has announced that it will begin to provide detailed numbers on how many listeners listen to its podcasts.

The numbers will not be hidden behind a log-in or paywall nor made available in a report that has to be paid for but rather they’ll be posted at the individual podcast pages.

DAR.fm’s Michael Robertson said, “… few people in the radio business have statistics about the business. Ask how many listeners a show or station had and nobody knows or if they know, they ain’t telling. Sometimes they toss around Arbitron numbers but those seem designed to obfuscate more than enlighten. I decided to change this with DAR.fm, and we're now publishing statistics for every single show.”

He explained: “The stats aren’t hidden or displayed as a percentage of some unknown base, but actual numbers. On the upper left hand corner of every show page is data for the last 30 days both totals and trending numbers.”

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