Digigram PYKO Handles Varied Duties

For PYKO, Digigram decided that smaller (and cheaper) is better.

PYKO is a pair of dedicated IP audio products, an A/D converter and a D/A converter. Applications can range from STL duty to in-store audio and intercom.

The PYKO-in converts analog audio to MP3 or PCM audio. It also can provide an output intercom systems. The PYKO-out converter takes digital audio and converts it to analog. It also has the ability to play "local" audio supplied by an onboard USB port. Furthermore it can decode Shoutcast/Icecast audio streams.

PYKO units have terminal and GPIO blocks along with RS-232 D-subs on the rear panels. They also have a rail-mount system for mounting.

Both units can be managed by Digigram's Audio Manager network managing application. PYKO units can also be managed via the Web and a standard Web browser. PYKOs can interact with Digigram's Visiblu network system.

For STL Digigram said it can offer a solution for less than $1,000. "Digigram now offers an extensive range of STL solutions, from PYKO, the most affordable yet reliable solution, to IQOYA *LINK and IQOYA *SERV/LINK topping the range with N/ACIP interoperability capabilities, +24 dBu audio quality and multiple failover methods."

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