Engineering Association, CEA Form Partnership

Engineering and technology industry group SAE International and the Consumer Electronics Association have signed a two-year agreement to build a partnership for the cooperation of the standardization of vehicle electronics and consumer electronics products to improve the driving experience. Both organizations will share information on existing and future voluntary standards development in the overlapping areas between consumer electronics and ground vehicles. 

SAE International is an association comprised of engineers and other technical experts in the aerospace, automotive and commercial vehicle industries.

Jack Pokrzywa, manager of Global Ground Vehicle Standards at SAE International, called the agreement an important step. 

“The integration of consumer electronics products into the vehicle continues to advance,” said Dave Wilson, vice president, Technology & Standards at CEA. “From navigation devices to rear-seat entertainment systems to aftermarket products that let consumers equip older vehicles with the latest technology, consumer electronics continue to play a big role in the driving experience.”

When asked by Radio World whether in-car radio tuners could be affected by the agreement, a  spokeswoman for CEA told RW it’s possible, but it’s likely that initial discussions will focus on connectivity between CE devices that are brought into the car, like MP3 players and iPods, for example, and in-vehicle systems.


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