Expect Verizon ISDN Changes in May

Expect ISDN changes from Verizon in May.

As readers will recall, we reported recently that Sports Backhaul Network’s Mike Simpson feared Verizon was planning to drop basic ISDN along the East coast come May. That’s not happening, but changes are coming.

Verizon offers ISDN Basic Rate Interface service as an overlay on either legacy business lines or Centrex lines.  

“We are going to continue to offer the service with Centrex lines and have no plans at this time to make any changes,” a Verizon spokesman tells RW.

However, Verizon will no longer offer ISDN BRI service with business lines to new customers as of May 18. “Current ISDN BRI business line subscribers can keep their existing service. However after May 18, we will not allow those customers to make moves, adds or changes to the service,” according to Verizon. 

The changes are taking effect nationwide.

When ordering new ISDN lines from Verizon, station engineers would now ask for “Centrex ISDN BRI.”

The clarification is good news for broadcasters and Simpson’s company, which provides the ISDN backhaul for NFL radio broadcasts from the away game stadiums to the NFL flagship. His company handles more than half of the 32 NFL teams. We reported Simpson originally feared Verizon would not offer new ISDN service entirely beginning in May, only retaining current ISDN customers.

Overall, the future of ISDN remains limited, however as broadcasters increasingly turn to IP alternatives for transporting audio.

Verizon says it continually evaluates its products and services to meet customer needs. A Verizon spokesman told RW its ISDN services, originally introduced in the 1980s, is a product that has seen a steady decline as customers have adopted newer and more efficient technologies to deliver voice and data services.


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Voice Centrex may work OK in an office: 30 phones, 10 trunks. 11th guy goes off-hook = no trunk! Someone hangs-up, 11th guy is happy. ISDN, not so much! X # of ISDN lines at a venue on game day = X # of ISDN lines IN USE! Not brief calls, long-form programming. Hanging-up doesn’t apply! VZT COULD make # of trunks = equal # of BRI lines. Then VZT is right back where they started. Why change?
By Mike Simpson, Sports Backhaul Network on 4/30/2013
The penultimate paragraph in this story implies that adoption of IP transmission methods is leading to decreased use of ISDN, *causing* its discontinuance by Telcos. Not true! Telcos never understood how to market ISDN, dooming it to be a niche technology. In reality, providers are readying to discontinue a service that their users are still using, simply because they don't want to support it.
By Clark Novak on 4/29/2013
Sounds all to familiar. This is becoming the common theme in business now days. What it equates to is, our profit margin is not in line with our 15% gain each year. (and someone has to pay for all the damage done by Sandy)
By Michael Payne on 4/27/2013

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