FCC Granting, Dismissing LPFM Applications

The FCC continues granting low-power FM applications for a construction permit while dismissing others.

Judging by a check of its broadcast actions from today and yesterday, the commission dismissed two applications for new LPFMs in Phoenix competing for the same 105.1 MHz frequency. The agency also dismissed applications from groups vying for a new LPFM in Moorhead, Minn., Madawaska, Maine, San Diego, Portland, Ore. and El Paso, Texas.

One of the approximately 100+ applications for new LPFMs granted so far is on 101.1 MHz in Palatka, Fla. After much back and forth, the commission granted a CP to Minority Educational Broadcasting.

REC Networks’ Michi Bradley tells Radio World that she hasn’t dug deep into the list yet, however it appears none of the applications granted so far have been from organizations that REC Networks and other LPFM advocacy groups have filed informal objections and Petitions to Deny for “questionable” groups.

She’s keeping a running list of grants with some 120 listings so far. Ones that caught our eye are in Iuka, Miss., by Flash Cat Animal Advocacy (#93) and Solar Garden Learning and Entertainment in Davis, Calif., (#59.)

LPFM applicant Dan Slentz says the only commonality he can see so far is no same-channel competition within a market and all the paperwork seems to be straightforward with their technical data.

Permittees will have 18 months to construct their stations but they can toll another 18 months if needed.


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