IBC Sneak Peek: Flexible FM02 FM Receiver Solution from 2wcom

2wcom’s new FM02 FM receiver solution is designed to deliver high-quality demodulation, source-switching for FM backup and FM/RDS parameter monitoring, says the German company.

With its FM tuner, the FM02 can be used to meet a range of broadcasting scenarios, receiving one FM signal for re-broadcasting, while monitoring a second FM signal with the second tuner; or receiving the same signal on both tuners with one acting as a backup.

For backup, the FM02 receives an MPX signal and loops it through directly to the output. In case of failure the FM02 tuner receives the MPX signal off the air. Robust performance is provided by the unit’s ability to loop through the signal even during a power failure. With easy remote control via IP and SNMP, the FM02 can be used as part of a monitoring solution for both FM and RDS parameters. The MP3 option has also been added for streaming purposes.

IBC stand: 8.E78
Info: www.2wcom.com

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