IBC Sneak Peek: Glensound Makes an IP Move

Interface equipment maker Glensound says it held off of releasing IP products due to a lack of industry uniformity on standards. But as production personnel have become familiar with IP products, the company has made a move, releasing several products that utilize IP as an audio transport scheme.

The smallest is the Cub, a battery-operable smartphone interface. It provides two inputs and two outputs. “The iPhone connects to the Cub via a top panel-mounted A type USB plug. A Lightning and 30-pin Apple interface lead are included with the Cub. There is also a mini USB for connection to other smartphones, notepads, laptops or PCs,” the company says. It also has XLR inputs with 48 V phantom power and 1/4-inch headphone outputs.

For laptops there is the GC5/USB. Glensound says, “Four inputs (mic/line/48V) and four independent headphone outputs, making it more directly aimed at the sports commentator world. It is low-profile with a flat top, making it a convenient base for laptop computer. All controls sit conveniently at the front of the PC, and allowing users to access their mic on/off and gain controls. Each user also has their own two-input headphone mixer.” It uses USB as the path for interfacing with the device.

The GC5T/USB is designed for tablets and thus has a different footprint but the same complement as the GC5/USB.

IBC stand: 8.E72
Info: www.glensound.co.uk

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