iBiquity: HD Radio Receiver Sales Close In on 17.5 Million

iBiquity Digital says nearly 17.5 million HD Radio receivers have been sold to-date.

Of those sold, more than 15 million are factory-installed HD Radio receivers in new cars or sold as aftermarket auto units, says the technology developer.

HD Radio receivers helps stations retain its dominance in the new digital dash, the company tells CES-goers.

Five and a half million HD Radio receivers were sold in 2013, says iBiquity.

More than 30% of all new cars sold last year contained an HD Radio, according to iBiquity, which points out that more receiver manufacturers are highlighting advanced HD radio features and telematics. Using the rollout of Artist Experience as an example, iBiquity points to 500 stations now supporting the service that enables stations to synchronize images like Album art or enhanced visual ads with the digital audio.

Artist Experience is now available in new HD Radio car receivers from BMW, Buick, Chevrolet, GMC, Lexus, Mazda, Toyota and Volkswagen as well as CE manufacturers Alpine, Clarion, JVC, Kenwood, Pioneer, Sony and Insignia.

In its booth at CES [Central Hall #8232] iBiquity will showcase five model year 2014 vehicles. Several include HD Radio Digital Traffic Services; Examples of aftermarket receivers and in-dash infotainment systems with traffic provided by the Broadcast Traffic Consortium and the Clear Channel Total Traffic Network will be on display.
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For some reason, Best Buy does NOT sell their AM/FM HD tabletop radio - which was a really decent radio for vision-impaired persons. iBiquity should try to get that radio back on the marketplace. In addition, of the 5 HD-AM signals in my region, all are turned-off but one - the all news station - and what makes less sense is that the one all-music station (that would benefit most from a stereo HD signal) is back to a cruddy mono signal without full bandwidth audio.
By John Analog on 1/8/2014
HD-capable radios may be readily avaiable for the automotive market, but I'm hard-pressed to find them anywhere else. I tried looking for an HD-capable radio for the home the other day and could not find a single vendor or company selling one. Appears to me that, unless something drastically changes soon, HD-Radio will go the way of AM Stereo.
By Chris Kantack on 1/6/2014

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