iHeartRadio Ramps Up Talk Offering

Clear Channel calls its latest offering “the first mass-market audio platform with the ability to offer on-demand listener-created talk content alongside popular news, celebrity and entertainment ‘audiosodes.’”

The company is referring to iHeartRadio Talk, which it has launched in beta.

It said iHeartRadio Talk will showcase content from partners like The Huffington Post, Ryan Seacrest and Univision, and that it will be the “exclusive digital radio platform” for some ABC TV content including “Good Morning America,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and “The View.”

The offering will also feature a customizable talk channel called “Daily Pulse,” to which users can add content of their choosing.

As part of the announcement, iHeartRadio announced a partnership with Spreaker, a provider of Web and mobile broadcasting tools. “Beginning today, budding radio stars who use Spreaker on the Web and on iOS devices will be able to record their own shows and submit for potential inclusion in iHeartRadio Talk’s official library,” the companies said; thus, Rush or Ryan wannabes can have their shows promoted alongside those stars.

The announcement was made by Brian Lakamp, president of digital for Clear Channel Media and Entertainment.

In the statement he is quoted as saying, “For the first time ever, listeners who have been accepted into the iHeartRadio Talk library will be able to record and instantly share their perspective on any topic they choose ­ it's basically like offering ‘audio Twitter.’ We are giving a voice to the everyman, and at the same time are enabling iHeartRadio users to discover and enjoy thousands of ‘audiosodes’ from the best talent around the country …”

The company posted a list of categories, content contributors and partners.

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When is iheart going to smarten up and quit hoarding their programming to JUST AMERICANS. There are real people live in other parts of the globe, but these selfish, greedy, ego maniacs, won't let anybody else but Americans hear their programming. Yes it stinks and I'm the first one to shout THAT, loud and clear EVERY DAY. Get off you fat duffs and open the door to the real WORLD.
By Arnie Jackson on 7/24/2013

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