Is In-Car Internet Radio’s Biggest Challenge?

While many radio executives are optimistic about the industry’s future in general, they’re worried about the implications of Internet connectivity coming to the car.

When asked to name the “single biggest threat” to broadcast radio, more than one in five named the Internet, smartphones and digital media in general, including in-car Internet access, according to the results of a study from Mark Kassof & Co.

Forty-one percent said in-car Internet is the big threat to traditional radio, followed by Pandora at 18%. Satellite radio, iPods and MP3 players all came in third at 13%, followed by podcasts at 8%. 

What does this mean?

Even if you’re optimistic about radio’s future, you know it’s facing a tough battle. And that battle will be on wheels, sums up the researcher.


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If any manufacturer dares to remove the radio from the dash, the consequences for that companywould be dire to say the least. I'm a former military, scientific computer programmer and I can tell you that the internet will always be an unstable destination for vehicles. Unlike radio signals, the internet just has too many inherent flaws to be considered a replacement for radio.
By Joe Burke on 3/8/2013

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