It’s a Product Cycle, Not a Demise

IBiquiy Digital says Radio Shack is not dropping HD Radio products, knocking down speculation about digital radio at “The Shack.”

The consumer electronics retailer has, however, placed HD Radio receivers and several other products on clearance. Rumors banged around online as a result that the retailer was done with the technology and no longer intended to sell HD products like the Gigaware HD Radio controls for iPhone and the Gigaware HD Radio Dongle for iPod.

But iBiquity’s SVP of Marketing Stephen Baldacci tells me Radio Shack is not dropping HD Radio products and that the tech developer has more consumer devices in the development pipeline.

While making it clear it’s up to retailers to select new goods, Baldacci tells me he’s “optimistic” that new HD products will arrive to Radio Shack in the near future. The Shack has had “positive results” with HD Radio devices, he says.

My efforts to reach Radio Shack to ask directly were unsuccessful.

In my view, all products have a lifecycle, and when manufacturers are ready to push new models into the retail chain, retailers discount models that are at the end of that cycle to make room. That often happens with receivers at this time of year as automakers start to release new models.

I read a few breathless accounts last week of the impending death of HD Radio products in general. Please. Everything is on clearance at various stores right now: clothes, cars and yes, even some HD Radios.

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The local Radio Shack in my area says they don't plan on continuing with digtial radio. "We try and sell things people will buy" was his response.
By JMW on 8/15/2011
The local Radio Shack in my area says they don't plan on continuing with digtial radio. "We try and sell things people will buy" was his response.
By JMW on 8/15/2011
Leslie, so called "HD" radio has been around for over 10 years. No one cares, it's too late. The rest of terrestrial broadcasting is finished. Even at the time of this writing, the FCC is planning the demise of traditional radio and television..They want the frequencies to sell to the highest bidder and don't care (it's obvious, by virtue of the fact that the FCC approved IBOC in the first place..A technically defective technology that was obsolete by the time everyone had it installed.) No Leslie, IBOC (HD-LOL) is dead...Trust me, it's DEAD!
By Sammy G on 8/12/2011
I just spoke to a senior Radio Shack manager this past week. He said and I quote, " there will be no HD radios available in the forseeable future" Someone is not telling the truth. My bet would be that it's Ibiquity..
By Sammy G on 8/12/2011
Welll......better not ask the local store manager then because you'll get an answer you don't like. If the "HD" radios do come back they will be web-only. The stores have better things to do than warehouse "HD" radios that don't sell.
By Fatness on 8/12/2011

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