Kahn Remembered for His Honesty, 'Soft Heart'

Ray Matuza worked with the late Leonard Kahn. He posts on the Radio World website:

I was very saddened to hear of the passing of Leonard Kahn. First impressions could be one of the “mad scientist” -- genius in nature but also a stubborn, righteous ornery character with a hair trigger temper who was never wrong and would do anything he could to make you believe his way was the right way and the only way!

BUT, having worked for him at Kahn Communications for well over 20 years I can attest that he was also one of the most honest and sincerely committed individuals I have met in my life. His tempestuousness was only counter balanced by his wife Ruth, who was always congenial,warm and friendly. She had once told my mom that Leonard had a tough exterior but a soft heart. After her passing he was never the same.

Hats off to the ‘ol boy, he’s probably up there arguing with God!

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Never met Leonard although I heard him speak a few times and was impressed with his wisdom. Spoke to him over the phone; he called me after I submitted comments to the FCC regarding the stupid FCC decisions re IBOC. I highly regarded his views on IBOC. He had the best interest of the USA at heart. He filled me in on a few indiscretions of the FCC. Sorry top hear of his passing.
By Paul Dean Ford on 7/12/2012
I met Leonard when I was an assistant attorney general (antitrust) at the NY State Department of Law in lower Manhattan, June of 1990. The Hon. Robert Abrams, State Attorney General, directed me to consult with Leonard as he explored antitrust claims against firms with whom he had prior business dealings. Shortly afterwards my USMCR unit was activated and I spent the next year overseas, on the front lines of a shooting war. Although now retired, I served as a communications/electronics officer in the Marines for over 20 years. During that combat tour, I encountered service-affecting problems caused by RF ducting, a problem common in hot climates. I called and asked for help; Kahn not only explained to me the physics of RF ducting but gave me sage advice on how to work around it. (continued below) …
By David Ward on 7/9/2012
(continued) The results were improved communications range and reliability that ultimately assisted Marines in directing supporting arms and medical evacuations, leading to success in combat. His recommendations also helped medical regulating communications that improved medical services to the wounded and saved many U.S. and Iraqi lives. The Leonard Kahn who I knew and will always remember loved his country and the people in it- he is a hero and an American Patriot. May he rest in peace with his beloved wife Ruth. -- David O. Ward, Esq., Senior Legal Advisor- FCC; and Lieutenant Colonel, U. S. Marine Corps Reserve (retired)
By David Ward on 7/9/2012

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