Kentucky Pirate Slapped With $15,000 Fine

The FCC proposed a $15,000 fine for Jose Alejandro Aguilar for apparently operating a pirate radio station in Louisville, Ky.

The Enforcement Bureau says Aguilar operated an unlicensed radio transmitter on two frequencies: 99.5 MHz and 87.9 MHz.

Responding to a complaint regarding illegal operation on 99.5 MHz in 2013, bureau agents discovered his antenna on the rooftop of a two-story commercial building on Bardstown Road in Louisville. The building owner confirmed to the FCC that “Radio Pasion” rented the space the station was operated from and Aguilar’s name was on the lease agreement.

Field strength measurements of the signal showed the transmissions exceeded the limits for Part 15 operation, according to the commission. Aguilar admitted to the agent that he operates the station without a license and the agent gave Aguilar a Notice of Unlicensed Operation, warning him such operation is illegal and outlining potential penalties.

Aguilar turned off the station and had 10 days to reply to the notice, according to the Enforcement Bureau.

Also during 2013, a different agent from the Enforcement Bureau investigated allegations of pirate operations on 87.9 MHz in Louisville. He too, traced the signal to the same building and said Aguilar again admitted operating an unlicensed station.

The FCC assessed a $15,000 fine, a bump of $5,000 because Aguilar admitted to operating the stations illegally but continued to do so, according to the commission.

He has 30 days to appeal or pay.


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The FCC worries about these flea-powered FM pirate stations when they should be more concerned about the imminent loss of (free) over-the-air HDTV broadcasts, spectrum for wireless microphones, and the immediate implementations needed to rescue the AM band; instead they worry about Jose's 10Watt FM transmitters, one even out of band?
By Alexander Hambell on 5/14/2014

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