Kevin Gage Leaves NAB

Kevin Gage has quietly left NAB, Radio World has learned.

The former executive vice president and chief technology officer of the broadcast trade association came to the organization three years ago this month.

Gage decided to leave NAB after his three-year contract was up, NAB confirmed to RW. His last day was the 21st.. 

“Kevin Gage had a successful tenure at NAB and deserves generous credit for his leadership of the NAB Labs program and for forging a broadcast agenda that fully embraced moving digital radio and TV content to multiple mobile platforms,” NAB spokesman Dennis Wharton told Radio World. “Kevin pushed boundaries and was an agent of change within our industry. We wish him well as he moves on to pursue new opportunities.”

In the interim NAB SVP Lynn Claudy again takes the reigns of the Technology Department.

Discussions are ongoing within NAB about the future shape of the department, according to Wharton. He said NAB remains committed to NAB Labs and its ongoing radio and television projects.


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Oh boy, those Kim Kardashian rumors must be true if Kevin is leaving!
By Napoleon Bonaparte on 5/28/2014
May 28,2014 The Key Stakeholders make the final and all decisions regarding the direction of what will be done - Peroid. Unless you are a member of the BOD or an investor you have no real power. Venita K. Bennett-Bonaparte
By Venita K. Bennett-Bonaparte on 5/28/2014

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