KJR’s Bob Rivers to Retire

KJR(FM)’s “The Bob Rivers Morning Show” will end August 8, after a retirement decision from the Clear Channel Seattle station’s show host, Bob Rivers.

Rivers has been entertaining audiences in the Pacific Northwest and has appeared on several Seattle radio stations during his 25 years in the region.

“Bob is a world class talent, a true professional and radio genius, and it’s been our pleasure working with such a radio legend that inspired many in the industry to get into the business in their early years,” said Keith Cunningham, Clear Channel Seattle’s vice president of programming.

“I’ve been on the radio for 42 years; since I was 16. Thirty-three years doing morning drive, 25 of them being here in Seattle,” said Rivers. “Our show signed on 8/8/89 and our last show will be 8/8/2014. I will be forever grateful to the best audience and radio family one could hope for: Spike, Joe, Jodi, Arik, Pedro and Luciana. I love y’all.”

As for what’s next, Rivers won’t be sitting around twiddling his thumbs.

“I’m about to be a grandfather, I don’t want to miss a minute of that. It’s time for my lovely wife, Lisa, to get ‘The Bob Rivers Show’ live and in person every morning. There are projects waiting, like World Vision, touring with Heart by Heart, maybe popping up on radio from time-to-time.”

Rivers is also known on the East Coast for a stunt at Baltimore’s WIYY(FM) in 1988. With the hometown Orioles opening the season with a record 21-game losing streak, Rivers, then at WIYY, said about half-way through the streak he wouldn’t leave the air until they won. He stayed on the air, until they won, for 11 days. He catnapped during long songs. Rivers became a local hero.


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Congratulations to Bob Rivers on your retirement after a commendable radio career.
By Robert C Michaels on 8/10/2014

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