L-S-B Broadcast Technologies Demos VSM System

L-S-B Broadcast Technologies GmbH will present its Virtual Studio Manager system at the MCI Open House in Hamburg, Germany on Jan. 23, demonstrating how its broadcast control and monitoring system works at stand 3.18 in studio A3.

The VSM is manufacturer independent, and its system structure facilitates the integration of a range of processes. Its main application are found in studio environments, master control rooms, mobile production and remote production environments.

At the open house, the stand will simulate an MCR environment with two studios, as well as a representation of a virtual rehearsal studio. In the MCR environment, the VSM manages the OnAir and rehearsal requests and monitors signals and devices. The third studio, in this case, serves as a planning studio in which workflows are created and tested.

According to the company, the VSM’s boxing function is capable of storing hardware and software configurations of studio and production units as a single entity for retrieval with a single button, enabling every studio to be a backup.

Another VSM function is “pooling,” meaning it automatically recognizes devices and automates the way they are handled by integrating them dynamically in the signal path. Should one of the devices fail, the VSM automatically re-routes signals to other devices without requiring operator intervention.

Other setup features include routing of video signals, tally, labeling, intercom control and Black Magic Hyperdeck Studio control.

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