Mexican Broadcaster Says Digital Conversions On-Track

The Instituto Mexicano de la Radio says it’s the farthest along of all the broadcasters implementing HD Radio technology in that country, and is on-track to have its analog-to-digital conversions completed by the end of the year.

Known as IMER, the organization is the government-owned radio group in Mexico.

The broadcaster has agreed to convert stations across the entire country, according to iBiquity Digital Corp. Director of Business Development in Latin America John Schneider.

IMER told a Mexican broadcast publication it plans to have a total of 24 HD stations on 23 AM and FM frequencies, plus 18 multicast channels.

Additionally, IMER plans to air what it’s calling a “virtual” station because it was previously heard on shortwave, on an HD2 channel.

Schneider confirmed the figures for Radio World and said IMER has invested in a “substantial commitment” to HD Radio in the country.

IMER has three stations in Mexico City, where iBiquity celebrated the launch of HD Radio in Mexico during the spring NAB Show.

The Mexican government approved the voluntary use of HD Radio technology throughout the country more than a year ago. Previously HD had been limited to the border area of the U.S.

Schneider says interest in using HD is high among radio owners in Mexico, noting that the country’s digital radio launch is inheriting a mature technology both on the transmission and receive sides of the business.


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IBOC might work on FM, but on AM it's going nowhere. Don't know about Mexico, but in the US and Canada radio's biggest problem is content, not technology.
By anton on 9/26/2012
Mexicans spend more time, per-capita, listening to the radio than U.S. residents, so it's not surprising how quickly the digital conversion is happening there. Mexico has the same issues in terms of spectrum availability. As in the U.S., an IBOC digital system, with an eventual transition to all-digital, was required. Hopefully, Mexico's success with HD Radio will spur Canada to adopt HD.
By Thomas Dartmouth on 9/10/2012
HOG WASH ! Mexico should be adopting DRM and DRM +. IBOC is a dead dog
By Sammy G on 9/6/2012

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