More Than Half of AM CPs Unsold in Auction 84

What does it say about the state of AM when more than half of the construction permits for the FCC’s recently-held AM auction went unsold?

Twelve of the 22 CPs up for bid in the recently-completed Auction 84 went unsold and only five permits drew bids for more than the opening minimum, according to Fletcher Heald’s R.J. Quianzon.

Assuming the bidders actually pay, the total take is expected to be $891,500 for 10 total permits.

Quianzon reminds readers this was a closed auction, open only to those who applied for permits in 2004. “After 10 years of waiting” with a near Depression-level economic crisis dominating much of the intervening period, some applicants may have lost their zeal, he notes.

By far, the most expensive winning bids were $409,000 each for a CP in Culver City, Calif. and a CP in Stony Point Town, N.Y. The smallest winning bid, $2,500, was for a CP in Bozeman, Mont.

Twelve permits had no bids, including CPs in Huntsville, Ala., Henderson, Nev. and Kuna, Idaho.

Auction 84 began May 6 and ended yesterday, according to the FCC. There were 17 qualified bidders and 34 rounds of bidding.


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2.4 KW Daytime and 400 watts at night on 1370? You would need ground conductivity like Wichita KS to have a decent signal in Las Vegas what with all the noise from the lighting on the strip and elsewhere. Look at the antenna pattern. Big Nulls in the direction of 'Vegas and a main lobe pointed across town toward Boulder City. Taking into account the cost of the 4-tower array including land costs, $10 Grand is just about all it's worth
By The Old Soldring Guslinger on 5/14/2014
Damn, wish I'd get a chance to win ($10K) on Jeopardy! as $10,000 would have gotten me a CP for Henderson, Nevada! With the highest population gain in the US for a couple of years, you would think that Henderson would be a prime metro area for a new radio station, unless the Vegas market is already oversaturated and they have horrible ground conductivity there for an AM? I would think an 'easy listening' station would do well in Vegas like it would in Palm Springs? Unbelievable that nobody took a chance on that construction permit - perhaps the never-ending Great Recession is worse than we thought?
By NotKen Jennings on 5/14/2014

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