Most Car Brands Offer HD Radio

IBiquity Digital says it’s seeing significant growth in digital broadcast services and receiver sales.

Some 12 million HD Radio receivers have been sold to date, with 10 million of those in-car, according to iBiquity. Thirty-three automakers now include factory-installed HD Radio technology on 170 different models. Eighty models include HD as standard equipment.

Twenty percent of all new cars sold in 2012 included HD Radio and iBiquity expects that figure to grow. It’s focused on in-car radio because that’s where broadcasters make their money, company SVP Joe D’Angelo told Radio World.

In addition to digital audio, HD is now increasingly used to deliver advanced data services. One of the most notable features is Artist Experience, in which visual elements like album covers are synchronized with digital audio. Over the past year, 10 radio groups — including Clear Channel, CBS, Emmis, Entercom and Greater Media — have worked to implement Artist Experience on their stations for a total of some 450 stations total, according to the technology developer.

HD Digital Traffic Services are launching in more cars; the service is available in JVC and Garmin products, and Toyota, Lexus and Mitsubishi will bring cars to market this year with these features built-in.

The 2013 Toyota radio featuring Clear Channel Total Traffic Network service as well as the recently-introduced Mitsubishi unit with the Nokia/Broadcast Traffic Consortium Service will be on display in iBiquity’s booth (C451) at the NAB Show next week.

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Analog-only stations are going to experience a rapid decline in listenership as the nation's fleet of cars is replaced over the next 5-7 years. Only an exceedingly clueless station owner would not upgrade to HD service; the biggest reason is the "HD Seek" or "HD Scan" button. Listeners will simply not tolerate the poor audio quality and multipath of analog FM when there is an alternative.
By Robert Harmon on 4/8/2013
10,000,000 HD radios in cars? That means that theoretically there could be 10,000,000 simultaneous HD station drop outs, that boggles the mind..... Of course that means they'd all have to be on at the same time...., hmmm, Let's make that 100 simultaneous HD drop outs.
By Bob Young on 4/4/2013
Thanks Bob for confirming that non-automotive receiver sales have stayed stagnant at 2 million.
By Greg Smith on 4/4/2013

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