MusicFirst: Radio Song Repetition ‘Shocking’

MusicFirst calls a Wall Street Journal report on how often radio songs are repeated “shocking.”

The report basically says programmers find listeners tune in longer if they hear a song they’re familiar with and hit the “next” button more quickly if they hear a new song. Hence, concludes the article, new songs are slower to reach the airwaves. It chalks up the change to the deployment of the Portable People Meter, which gives programmers more and faster listening data than paper diaries.

MusicFirst says the article exposes “NAB’s biggest lie — that Big Radio promotes new music and helps new bands breakthrough.”

The record label-backed group wants terrestrial radio to pay a performance royalty and says some bands whose songs are played on the airwaves “earn nothing” from repeated airplay. MusicFirst says “empty promises of phantom ‘promotion’ won’t do.”

NAB EVP Communications Dennis Wharton tells RW “If the charge is that local radio plays popular music that listeners enjoy, we plead guilty.” Local radio remains the number one source for exposing new music, he says, citing Nielsen's Music 360 Report and USA Today.
“Bottom line: Hometown radio stations that are free to the listener will continue to cater our programming to a growing audience of more than 240 million people who tune in every week,” says Wharton.


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Oh! So THAT explains why I heard Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" on THREE SEPARATE stations while scanning in the car in Chicago a couple of days ago! Newton Minow had it wrong: Not just television, but radio, as well, constitute a "vast wasteland." While the NAB, RW, Cheap Channel, Crumulus et al shill for allegedly phsyics-defying "technologies" like IBOC, the "Missing Link" of CONTENT continues to rust and die, a now-irrelevant vestige of the dreamers and creatives, a natual enemy of the Program Directors and their slavish preoccupation with "Surveys," all the while kowtowing to consultants. Sigh. I could go on, but the GMs (all former salesliars) and their "staff" (those who are yet to be laid off in a desperate attempt to boost share value) have important meetings.
By Steve Lawrence on 1/29/2014

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