New Foley Effects Collection

Radio drama production is a fascinating niche and one of the chief tools needed to make a production possible is Foley effects. The really committed, of course, insist upon doing their own Foley, live, but for the lazy, the busy or the not particularly Foleyphiliac, there’s always FX recordings.

Fortunately, sound library producer Sound Ideas has a new collection of Foley effects available, The Ultimate Foley Collection.

Offering 2,300 effects, the package comes on 3 DVDs. Files are 24-bit/96 kHz BWF with handy metadata. Broad categories include Footsteps, Chair Movements, Cloth Movements, Prop Movements and Movement Reverb.

Foley artists Patti Tauscher and Chase Keehn teamed up for single effects (often male and female versions) and group effects. Many effects are repeated with different surfaces.

Here is a You Tube video about the collection. Price: $399. 

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