New Topographical Data Available for TAP

Terrain analysis software developer SoftWright has released a higher resolution United States data set for its TAP RF propagation modeling program.

Based on the National Land Cover Database 2006, the new FLT format data set is in 1/3-second (~10 meters) compared with the previous 1 second (~30 meters).

SofWright explains that the greater detail allows for “further improve the accuracy of TAP calculations by allowing the software to consider local land use characteristics (e.g., urban, suburban, agricultural, forested, etc.) in the calculations.”

The new data sets are stored in 1 x1 degree tiles, according to SoftWright. Each tile is a GeoTiff file in the Albers Conic projection. They are available for purchase individually, by state, geographic area, or the entire conterminous United States and will be delivered on DVD or USB hard drive, depending on the amount of data purchased.

SoftWright would also like to let everyone know that it has revamped its website.

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