Olympus to Debut Two New Recorders

Olympus LS-12

After a wave of handheld recorders hit the market last year, 2012 has seen slower introductions. But the holiday season is approaching and Olympus is first out of the stocks with the LS-12 and the LS-14.

An Olympus release describes the LS-12 and the LS-14 as the successors to the LS-7 and LS-10. They are also designed to be a cut above dictation microphones. For musicians there is a metronome and chromatic tuner along with an overdubbing feature.

Both units top out at 24-bit/96 kHz performance with WAV and MP3 recording. Available are smart (automatic) and manual recording modes.

Olympus LS-14
The LS-12 has 2 GB of internal memory while the LS-14 has 4 GB. An SD/SDHC card slot allows for additional and removable memory. A USB port facilitates offloading of recorded material.

The LS-12 has angled stereo condenser mic heads. The LS-14 has the same but adds a third central mic to create Olympus’ TresMic feature.

Other features include onboard speaker, tripod mount and a low-cut filter. A small, lit LCD screen provides information. The recorders operate on two AA batteries.

Prices: LS-12 — $149; LS-14 — $199.

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