One Third of All New Cars Offer Digital Radio

CAP/SSMY says that, as of 2012’s Q4, the number of cars in the U.K. offering digital radio as standard stands at 33.3%.

This is notable growth, considering in Q3 only about a quarter of cars included the service and a year ago (Q4 2011) that number was 20.8%.

“Reaching one third of new cars with digital radio as standard is a major milestone and shows real momentum from the automotive industry in the transition to digital radio,” said Ford Ennals, CEO of Digital Radio UK. “This is great news for motorists who want to listen to digital radio stations in their cars and good news for government who plant to make a decision on a radio switchover later in the year.”

According to Digital Radio UK, eight out of 10 of the best selling cars sold in the U.K. in 2012 now feature digital radio as standard or have plans to do so this year.
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I wonder how many new car owners would rather have a good reliable AM/FM radio...many I suspoect!
By Mike Terry on 1/14/2013

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