Polish Radio Seeks DAB+ Operator

Polish Radio has issued a call for tenders worth more than €850,000 (app. US$1,150,000) for an operator for its digital network to distribute its signal over the next three years.

Polish Radio will broadcast in DAB its five existing radio stations (four PR channels and the broadcaster’s external service), five new stations, as well as a number of regional channels.

In October, the broadcaster will transfer its five current stations to digital. From October to December, their signal will be distributed by Emitel, which was recently contracted for this service in the past week based on its low bid.

The funding will come from subscription radio.

Polish Radio will consider applicants that are able to perform coding, multiplexing and regionalization of radio programs and additional data, uplinks to the transmitting station(s) and the dissemination of the DAB standard in the Katowice and Silesian regions, as well as in Warsaw and the Warsaw metropolitan area for three years.

Applications should be submitted by Oct. 22.
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