Pure Ships Jongo Multiroom System

Pure Jongo S3
Pure Jongo S3 Portable Multiroom Wireless Speaker

Consumer electronics maker Pure has announced the availability of the Jongo S3, a portable wireless speaker with 360-degree sound, and the Jongo A2, a wireless multiroom hi-fi adapter, both with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The Jongo S3 and A2 are part of the wider Jongo multiroom music system and work with the companion Pure Connect iOS app (iPhone and iPad), available to download.

Pure’s Jongo products can be used on their own or combined with other supported Jongo devices, such as Sensia 200D Connect and One Flow, to deliver a flexible and accessible multiroom audio system, the company says.

Pure Jongo A2
Pure Jongo A2 Multiroom Hi-Fi Adapter

The Jongo systems use Wi-Fi to stream synchronized audio within a single or multiroom environment, while Bluetooth allows users to stream content from audio apps on their smartphone or tablet, including locally stored music, to a single Jongo product. Adding extra Jongo speakers or adapters on the same Wi-Fi network allows users to build a multiroom system.

The Jongo S3 portable, rechargeable wireless speaker lists for $199 while the Jongo A2 multiroom hi-fi adapter lists for $129. Jongo A2 and Jongo S3 are available from retailers including Amazon.com, Target.com, OfficeMax.com and Pure.com/us.


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