Qatar Radio Broadcasts On Netia’s Radio-Assist 8.1

National broadcaster Qatar Radio has taken all five of its main channels live on Netia’s Radio-Assist 8.1 digital audio software suite.

According to Netia, the software replaces another automation product and provides a solution addressing the whole workflow. Qatar Radio also uses Radio-Assist 8.1 as a disaster recovery solution.

Mohammed Qaddoumi, system engineer for audio broadcasting, says that the software's Air-DDO broadcast tool has been especially valuable.

Systems integrator Media Group International (formerly known as Salam Media Cast) facilitated the migration to Radio-Assist 8.1 over the course of a year without interrupting operations or losing Qatar Radio’s 275,000 elements and assets. With this shift, the broadcaster has brought its radio production and broadcast functions onto a single platform because the software supports coordination, scheduling and live broadcasting, as well as an archive of over 300,000 hours of programming.

Radio-Assist 8.1 is now installed on 34 workstations at Qatar Radio’s main broadcast facilities used daily by 80 staffers. The installation is also complete at its separate disaster recovery site. The software, said the company, supports one principal channel broadcast in Arabic, another dedicated to religious/Muslim programs, one French channel (Oryx FM, with partner RFI), one in English and another broadcast in Urdu.

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